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Some Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Transformation and Upgrading of the Shipping Industry can play a role in boosting the shipping market

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In view of the severe situation faced by the shipping industry, the Ministry of Transport, in accordance with the principle of "based on the current situation, looking at the long-term, and addressing both the root causes and the root causes", on the one hand, actively promoted the development of shipping industry to be a national strategy, and actively promoted the country to introduce relevant measures to promote the healthy development of the shipping industry as soon as possible. On the other hand, based on the industry and in view of the practical difficulties, the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Transformation and Upgrading of the Shipping Industry" was studied and issued, and 20 opinions were formulated from five aspects, including strengthening the regulation of transport capacity, promoting the transformation and upgrading, strengthening market supervision, reducing the burden on enterprises, and improving the service level. It should be said that the contents of these opinions are practical and operational, which is a timely help to the shipping industry.

Specifically, the first is to reduce the stock, strictly control the increment, and resolve the overcapacity. The stock reduction is mainly to provide subsidies for the scrapping and renewal of old transport ships and single-hull oil tankers in advance, and support the shipowners association to organize shipping enterprises to carry out the storage of part of the transport capacity. The strict control of increment is mainly to strictly control the new business entities and new capacity of passenger transport and dangerous goods transport in the domestic coastal and Yangtze River trunk lines.
The second is to strengthen policy guidance and promote transformation and upgrading. We will encourage enterprises to merge and reorganize, standardize the investment of cargo owners in the domestic shipping industry, and improve market access standards. We will allow Chinese-funded flag of convenience cruise ships to dock at multiple points along the coast, and support the opening of cruise routes in four places across the Straits. Vigorously develop modern shipping services such as shipping finance, insurance and maritime arbitration. We will steadily promote the application of liquefied natural gas in the shipping industry.
Third, strengthen market supervision and create a good environment. While reducing administrative licensing, we should innovate management methods and strengthen dynamic management. It mainly includes supporting the shipowners association to strengthen industry self-discipline, establishing the accurate reporting system of container liner freight rates, and strengthening the investigation of suspected monopoly of container liner companies.
The fourth is to standardize the charges related to enterprises and reduce the burden of enterprises. A number of charging items involving shipping enterprises and operating ships on water have been cleared and standardized. It mainly includes the cancellation or exemption of 7 types of administrative and institutional charges, a total of 10 specific charges, the cancellation or suspension of 4 regulatory service charges or provisions related to charges, and the adoption of measures to adjust ship transaction fees, reduce pilot fees, and regulate port charges.
Fifth, improve service measures and improve service level. Implement unified management of online administrative licensing, filing and certification. The liability guarantee of the pilot NVOCC operator is replaced by the bank guarantee. Strengthen the dynamic monitoring of the shipping market and the analysis of the economic operation of water transport, and regularly release market information such as transport capacity. We will promote "sunshine pilotage" and gradually cancel the compulsory pilotage of ships entering the river for domestic trade.
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