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Qingdao Boxster International Transportation CO.,LTD founded in April 2011, is mainly engaged in the import and export international transportation business focus in Qingdao. With the rapid increase of business volume, it has now expanded to domestic and  foreign markets and networks.

We start every job by getting the details learning your priorities, understanding potential obstacles, and exploring our options. We'll determine the right route, create a customized communication plan, and execute the plan flawlessly.
Our passion for logistics is backed by a global network of contacts and an asset-based 3PL. That means we have the tools to deliver anything, anywhere. We are a team of professionals with a deep understanding of shipping and transportation. And we apply that knowledge when using the latest logistics technology. Our passion for creating solutions that deliver is matched only by the passion we have for our customers. Boxster has grown and evolved to better serve our customers.

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